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Who Are We?
A Design Features works with the world's top interior designers and architects. Our photographers/writers produce up to the minute features for publishing clients, magazines, newspapers, books and television.

Our photographers are based in Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Scotland, the UK and the USA and are available for high end design and architecture photography. Commissions through our photographers can easily result in free PR due to our 20+ years experience distributing to high-end publishing editors.
What Do We Do?
A Design Features reguarly recieves new current work from Swedish/Scandanavian designers, photographed by an internationally in demand photographer.

Italian interiors and architecture, Scottish, French, German, UK and USA, photographed by top photographers based in the relevant countries, enabling cost effective commissions.



A Design Features was primarily established to work with a top Scandanavian photographer incorporating the work of high-end Swedish Designers. Italy, Scotland, France, Germany, the UK and USA, swiftly followed to increase the archive. The experience of its international marketing led to A Design Features becoming one of the leading providers of interior features to publications around the globe. The archive is continually updated, keeping it up to the minute and on track with current trends.
Examples Of Styles

Innovative Work With Swedish Designers

This year a new exhibition evolved, Swedish designer Anna Charlotte  created an exhibition together with Richard Von Hofsten entitled Aurora Borealis. The combination of rug designs and beautiful images frozen in time created by Richard wowed audiences in Stockholm and London. The exhibition will be enhanced by a castle shoot in Stockholm 2017 followed by a book “Word of Colour” The whole process will be intertwined in a documentary which is in the making in connection with the concept of the exhibition Aurora Borealis.

New Acquisitions

 A Design features now has access to the following:


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